Having recently returned from New York after 4 years with Victoria's Secret, Kerri built upon her already impressive career with a wealth of experience that only comes from working in a global setting. KC Consulting was inspired not only by the need that Australian brands have for creative direction but one with a global perspective. Building the right brand image requires access to a team that will make it happen. After all, ideas are only as good as their execution.


It’s true, a model can make or break a brand. This is, however, just one part of the creative puzzle. Equally important is the team behind the lens. The photographer, hair & make up, the stylist. All need to be individually talented, of course, but just as important is the need to work as a single unit… a team.


Bringing a concept to life requires perfect execution and there’s no substitute for experience when it comes to this. Producing a successful shoot on which so much depends and in which so much is invested, demands experience. It's the insurance that guarantees success.